Silhouette of couple kissing beneath streak of light
Silhouette of couple kissing beneath streak of light
Photo © Ben Chrisman | FUJIFILM X-Pro3 camera and XF18mmF1.4 R LM WR lens, 1/6400 sec at F1.4, ISO 100

Ben Chrisman talks about his unique style of wedding photography and explains why FUJINON XF18mmF1.4 R LM WR is the lens he has been waiting for

“My main intention when photographing a wedding is not to make it look perfect, but to make it look real, with a soul to it. I want to dig a little bit more,” says Ben, a photojournalist with years of experience, who has always craved the excitement of being immersed in the story.

“I’m more interested in other people than myself, so wanting to be in the middle of it all is second nature,” he continues.

Ben likes to achieve this by using prime lenses to force himself to move. He believes that zooms can make a photographer less likely…

Rocky mountain side at dusk
Rocky mountain side at dusk
Photo © Christopher Gilbert

Ever wondered how to make full use of your histogram or what directly affects it? Be it the luminosity or RGB histogram, technical specialist Christopher Gilbert expands upon the process of using your histogram to its full potential

As an educator, I often get asked what my favorite camera is and I never really have a solid answer. It’s not necessarily a specific camera, but an entire ecosystem that I fell in love with. I’m sure all of us have done the same thing. We’ve gone through different brands, types, and levels of cameras trying to find the perfect one that fits the needs of our style and technique.

While I can say that the FUJIFILM X100S and FUJIFILM X-T1 were my first ventures into the X Series digital camera lineup, it wasn’t until the FUJIFILM X-T2 came…

Long-haired man in cowboy hat leaning against log cabin wall
Long-haired man in cowboy hat leaning against log cabin wall
Photo © Bobbi Lane

Some rules are made to be broken. Find out how being a photography rebel can help you produce more striking images

Photography is built on a set of rules that teach us how to evaluate and see images. However, as our skills increase and our inner desire to become more creative grows, we are forced to look at how we can break these rules in a way that will give us an original perspective and renewed sense of creativity.

Let’s dive in and look at five ways we can break the classic rules of composition and stretch ourselves more creatively.

1. Looking In or Looking Out?

We are always taught to make portraits with our subjects positioned off-center (perhaps on a ‘third’). We are also taught that…

Man filming with FUJIFILM X-S10
Man filming with FUJIFILM X-S10
Photo © Forged in the North

Just getting started with recording video? Then look at these essential cinematic techniques and learn how they can add to your story

If you own a FUJIFILM mirrorless camera, you have the power to make professional videos. Every current X Series camera is capable of recording high-quality 4K footage that’s sure to dazzle, so if you’re looking to explore the world of moving images, then you’ve made an excellent start.

However, there’s much more to great video than picture quality. In fact, when it comes to storytelling, the quality of the image is more of a luxury than a necessity. …

Twisted branch surrounded by yellow and red leaves
Twisted branch surrounded by yellow and red leaves
Photo © Justin Black

Seasoned landscape photographer and FUJIFILM X-Photographer, Justin Black, tells us how the FUJIFILM GFX System suits his passion for nature

Fresh from teaching his latest landscape photography workshop and with his boots barely cooled from hiking the rolling mountains of West Virginia, we ask Justin Black to take a few more steps — only this time to his formative years in photography. What would he, now an experienced landscape photographer, tutor, and conservationist, tell his younger self starting out?

“Well,” he considers, “I’d probably tell myself to photograph based purely on my passions, my personal vision, and curiosity, and avoid photographing what I ‘ought’ to based on the perceived demands of a particular audience or market. …

Blonde woman sat at breakfast table opposite dog
Blonde woman sat at breakfast table opposite dog
Photo © Victoria Wright

Master available light and get superb photos wherever you are

Whatever you’re photographing — be it people, pets, still life, or even interiors — for beautiful indoor images with perfect color, you need to know how to respond to available light.

Put simply, available light is the light that’s naturally in the scene, with nothing added by you, the photographer. This light can be anything from the sun flooding in through a window to the light from a tiny candle.

The way that available light varies in color and intensity can make it tricky to frame correctly. For instance, colors can seem unnatural and the image may be lighter or…

Hazy California beach at sunset
Hazy California beach at sunset
© Seth K. Hughes

With his photography style embracing an invigorating mix of exploration and wildlife, Seth K. Hughes finds XF70–300mmF4–5.6 a natural fit

As the sun slips over the western horizon, drenching southern California in golden light, the San Diego coastline bursts with color. Ocean spray veils the distant headlands into pastel shades, and bright, wading birds flock to the mirrored sands and pools, unperturbed by the passing surfers. It’s within this west- coast wonderland that X-Photographer, Seth K. Hughes, has come to try out the new FUJINON XF70–300mmF4–5.6 R LM OIS WR.

“As always out in nature, you don’t know exactly what you’re going to find — but you know it’s going to be something beautiful,” Seth begins, smiling. “All up the…

Young woman standing against colorful wall
Young woman standing against colorful wall
Photo © Michelle Turner

Find out how to get the best quality video from your X Series — and how to pick the right option for your recording

Whether it’s stills or video you’re creating, it’s good to know how to get the best image quality. After all, it’s always annoying when you’ve framed a great moment on film only to find it doesn’t look quite as clear or striking as you thought.

Just as with stills, there are various levels of quality to choose from. In video, there are different levels of image quality, too. In the case of your X Series camera, this partly comes down to a choice of recording in either 8-bit or 10-bit mode.

But what do these settings really mean? How much…

Road cyclist riding with slow sync motion blur behind him
Road cyclist riding with slow sync motion blur behind him
Photo © Matt Weintritt

Mixing ambient light and flash together is an effective way of giving your pictures a new look and feel that’s quite unlike anything else

You most likely already know that making images with on-camera flash as the only source of light is probably the best way of killing any atmosphere in a photo. The flash tends to take over and become the dominant source of illumination, swamping any ambient light that might have been there — and which was probably the reason you wanted to create the picture in the first place.

The answer is not to let the flash take over, but to blend it with existing ambient light using slow sync flash. This involves using a shutter speed, aperture, and ISO combination…

Young man recording video with a FUJIFILM camera
Young man recording video with a FUJIFILM camera
Photo © Bryan Minear

Take your filmmaking to a new level with silky-smooth slomo effects — it’s easy with your X Series camera

Along with all the benefits of regular moviemaking, your X Series camera has a suite of slow-motion modes. These can produce brilliant results when used on action, wildlife, and even everyday subjects, so it’s time to get using them as part of your filmmaking.

Slow motion adds glorious appeal to almost any subject, so long as it’s moving in a dramatic way. Imagine framing a slow-motion swing at a baseball game or a player teeing off at the golf course. Or train your lens on a bird of prey coming in for the kill. You can even get great results…


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